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A Story Of New Beginnings

Meet Amanda                            

Blond woman in 30's wearing maroon top and jeans, in front of blurred out woods.
My husband and I got married when I was 18, and I had my first baby 12 months later. Twenty-one years later, we have nine children and I have alwasy been a stay-at-home Mom. I have always homeschooled my children, and as my oldest two have since graduated I began to realize I needed a plan for when my youngest is all grown as well. I looked to my interests and my knowledge and began formulating a plan. 
Nine years ago I started to become more mindful of the products my family used on our bodies. Skin is our largest organ after all, and all those products filled with unnecessary, and many times harmful chemicals can absorb into our bloodstream. With so many harsh environmental pollutants that we simply cannot avoid, I wanted to do the best that I could, where I could do it. So I began to teach myself how to make soap and other body products for our family to use. 
Last year as I was soul searching for my plan of what to do after my children have grown, I decided I just did not want to work for anyone else. I began tossing around the idea of starting my own company selling my soaps. I didn't intend to start it until I had fewer children at home, but as I talked about it, friends and family encouraged me to do it now. I had a small demand for my soaps already, so I decided to go for it. 


In June of 2019, I created my LLC and began selling to local family, friends, and from a basket that my husband kept in his office at work. In August I launched my website, got my logo, and started a partnership with a very successful local brewery. The owner and I had the same vision, be the first in our area to create a line of handcrafted soaps made using the beer brewed at that brewery. I currently have a line of five soaps for sale at Fort Myers Brewing Company and they are exclusive to that location. 


 In October of 2019 I started getting out into the public, attending as many local events that I could reasonably do with young children at home. I quickly realized there was a demand for this type of product in my area. There are several large brick and mortar stores in my area, however, people are starting to want to support small local businesses with personalized customer service and quality ingredients.

In the Spring of 2020 I added soy wax candles to my line. For so many years I had stopped using candles in our home. They frequently gave me a headache and the amount of black soot being left behind was alarming. Once I started learning about the differences in types of wax and quality of fragrance oils, I understood that I could create clean non-toxic candles that wouldn't harm my family. 100 % soy wax was the perfect alternative to paraffin wax and the high quality fragrance oils I was already using in my soap were also perfect for candles. 

In the fall of 2020 I launched my Liquid Hand & Body Soap. It was so fun to learn a new process and create all new recipes that are so very different than cold process soap. 

I don't think I will ever be done learning and expanding my products. Making incredibly high quality products that are safe for my family and yours is my passion, and every purchase made goes directly into supporting our family and our local economy.