Do you make the soap yourself?
Absolutely! All of my soaps are handcrafted by me. I do not buy a premade base and melt it down, and I do not buy already made soap to label myself. I have developed my own special recipes that are gently cleansing and should not leave you feeling dry and itchy. I make these soaps in the "cold-process" fashion. I carefully measure and melt the oils and butter and a lye/liquid solution and combine it to create soap! 
Are they "all-natural"?
Well, not exactly. Sodium hydroxide(lye) is not technically "natural"unless you are making it from ashes in your kitchen and you can't have soap without lye. However, after the soap has saponified there is no lye remaining. 
The term "natural" is in no way regulated and is thrown around as a buzz word. In my business I chose to be transparent with my customers. So I won't tell you my products are "natural". I will however, answer any questions you have about ingredients I use and why I use them. 
While I do offer many soaps which are scented using essential oils and colored with clays and other colorants from nature, I also use other safe, lab-created ingredients, like micas and oxides for color and fragrance oils for that amazing scent everyone wants. I chose to use lab created mica because naturally forming mica is rarely mined ethically.   
All that being said, I am very careful about using only skin safe colorants and fragrances and I only purchase from carefully selected suppliers who are reputable and source their materials in a sustainable and ethical way. 
Not everything "natural" is safe and not everything "synthetic" is harmful! 
Do you have a YouTube channel?
No, I don't, and I don't have plans of adding one in the future. Recording and editing videos for YouTube would be very time consuming and I don't want to take more time away from my children.
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Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! Wholesale Catalog
Can you do custom orders?
Absolutely! I can create small 1.5 oz bars of soap for any special occasion. I shipped out a one hundred bar order for a wedding in December. The bride can choose the design, colors, and fragrance, as well as help design the labels. 
I can also create any custom scent if you wish to purchase an entire loaf. 
How did you come up with the name Bar & Bar Soap Co.?
I spent months thinking up a name and one evening it finally came to me. I liked the play on words with "Bar & Bar" because I was going to have a line of soap at a brewery, on the "bar" and because it is a "bar" of soap.  
What makes your soap different from a soap I can purchase at any store?
The majority of bar soaps(and all body washes)in the store are actually classified as detergents. They are made with less than desirable ingredients and processed so heavily that all they just strip all the oils from your skin. The natural glycerin is removed and sold to make lotions(which you will need to use after using body washes and detergent soaps). A true soap contains an acid(fats) combined with a base(lye) and that creates a "salt" which is your soap. 
Many new large companies have popped up in the last couple of years and have their products all over the internet and large stores..many are just a marketing ploy and you are basically buying a bar of Ivory soap with a nicer scent and a higher price. The other half are glycerin soaps, i.e. "melt and pour" and are more frequently closer to detergent than a bar of true soap. If you can see through it, it is not the same product. 
Not all "true soap" is the same either. Soapmaking has become a very popular hobby for many people, and they jump into it without much knowledge. I have spent over eight years learning about the properties of different oils and how to combine them in the right percentages to create that perfect cleansing soap, with luxurious bubbles and a beautiful lather that won't leave you dry and itchy. 
How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed? You may email me at barandbarsoapco@aol.com with in 24 hours and I will do my best to adjust anything you need. 
When will I receive my order? 
Orders placed ship within 3 business days, most often they are shipped the next business day. 
How much is shipping? 
Orders are packaged in the order they are received and get shipped USPS.
Shipping Cost:
$4-$7 - First Class USPS $4.90 
$7.01-$14 - First Class USPS $6.00
$14.01 - $49.99 Priority USPS $9.00
$65 and up FREE SHIPPING
What is your return policy?
Because of the nature of the product we cannot accept returns. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us with photos within 48 hours of delivery, so that we have a chance to do everything in our power to make it right. 
Due to the handcrafted nature of the product I cannot guarantee your purchased product will look just like the product photos. Every batch will come out slightly different due to temperatures, humidity, and frankly soap has a mind of it's own sometimes. Each bar is unique and that is a part of the beauty of handcrafted soap.